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Movement Health is a 100% private training studio that was built with client comfort in mind. By providing a smaller (and private) workout setting, clients can focus more on their health and fitness goals while worrying less about their surroundings or other distractions.

In addition to the privacy and comfort offered at Movement Health, our services come with easy to understand explanations which allow each client to understand why we are taking the approach that we are. This method not only allows the client to stay informed in every decision made regarding their health and fitness goals, but more importantly, it gives each client the knowledge necessary to better take care of his or her health and fitness for the rest of their lives.



**Due to the private nature of our studio, we operate by appointment only**

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Personal Training - All of our personal training sessions are one-hour long. Sessions shorter than one hour fail to allow time for adequate stretching/warm-up, a thorough training session, and then cool-down, all of which are key components to a well rounded health and fitness program

  • Add-on Services:
    • Nutritional Guidance - This option provides nutritional counseling throughout the course of your journey with Movement Health. Your health professional will work with you every step of the way to assist with things such as pre and post workout nutrition, general food intake monitoring, nutritional labeling and food selection, goal setting, and more. Our Nutritional Guidance option is a great addition whether your goal is to burn fat and lose weight, or build muscle and tone up!
    • Soft Tissue Manipulation(STM) - Our soft tissue manipulation option assists in helping facilitate recovery to the muscles used throughout your workouts. Your trainer will take you through the proper steps to: release painful trigger points, relax over-active muscles and to encourage blood-flow (nutrient delivery) to a previously exercised area in order to help it recover.
      • Taking care of the tissues involved in exercise is a grey area for many. Most people acknowledge that stretching and using foam-rollers are beneficial, but fail to understand why and subsequently lack the knowledge necessary to efficiently recover.


Online Training - A great alternative to traditional face-to-face training is our online training option. Here, clients work step by step with their health professional to develop not only an effective workout routine, but an overall healthy lifestyle that corresponds with goals as well as daily schedules.


Meet Josh

Coaching my clients to their health goals is simple because my strategies are based on years of experience and my dedication to knowledge of exercise science. I have over 4 years of personal training experience, as well as a wealth of knowledge obtained through NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) Certified Personal Trainer and Behavior Change programs, as well as through the University of Houston's Exercise Science program.

My clients are the most important aspect of my company and helping them reach their goals is my number one priority; I began noticing that individuals of all different ages wish to start an exercise routine. However, these wishes are often met with resistance and end in disappointment. It is my opinion that this resistance stems from a lack of understanding of how the equipment works as well as the intimidating feeling of eyes in the gym peering on them. The knowledge is simple enough— I can pass that on to my clients in any studio. The latter, though "the gym environment" requires something else entirely, and this is why I created Movement Health. My studio is designed with the idea of "one trainer and one client" in mind; it's you, your goals, and me helping to get you there.


Now Let's get moving!

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